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Monday, 11 September 2006
Saints / Children
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                                                  -From Saints to Cursed Children-



                                "Cursed children that have forsaken the right way...."
                                                   ( 2 Peter 2: )


I am amazed daily at the number of people who still call themselves Christians but have transformed their Christianity and their churches into social clubs where sin is part of their daily routine. Many of these individuals once walked with God in the beauty of holiness, but now they only walk in a church organization and have long since left God and the beauty of holiness that God demands.

It is sad to say, but I say it to warn God's saints in light, many of those once-saved saints are still in the church and in leadership positions, harming many saints of God, as they preach a gospel that is not the gospel of Christ but a bastardized gospel that they are the fathers of. And many of these perdition-bound social Christians are people I used to know in the Lord, and they once knew and loved the gospel of Christ and the word of God!

My heart is made sad this day by his people who have strayed so far away from Him and are attempting with flawed rationalizations that only deceive themselves to justify shame and putrefying sores in God's house. Satan has deceived so many of those whom I once knew in the beauty of holiness, for now they live lives of lies because they received not the love of the truth. And being blinded by Satan's devices, they seemingly cannot be reached any longer because many have been given a strong delusion that Paul said God would send upon them as they continued to believe the lie and not receive the love of truth. Now they will be damned. [2 Thes. 2:11-13]

Many who are not now at the stage of the reprobated mind* cannot actually see or believe that many ministers, pastors, bishops, church members, etc., are really not saved, for they are still in the church singing the songs of Zion. Those false brethren are trees that are twice dead and have been plucked up by the roots, yet they seem green, but they are not alive in God and will soon be cut down. [2 Pet.2:17] They are the fulfillment of a prophecy of Paul many have overlooked, but Paul said that they would come from without the church and from within the church. [Acts 20:29-30]

If a minister is not preaching the rightly divided word of God, he is not a saint in light. The Apostle Peter said, these ministers will entice many with swelling words, but they have erred from the faith. So brazen are wicked ministers today that they assert things they would not dared to speak just since I became saved. They would dare to say that one can sin repeatedly and still be in Christ, one can curse and lie, commit various forms of of adultery and abominations and still be saved, if he only has faith, as if faith is some type of construct in the mind and not a life-guiding principle that fashions behavior and actions; such declarations are not issued from men of God, but from messengers of Satan. For these are damnable lies, concocted by men of corrupt minds who do not know the way of God but the way of these self-serving teachings, as they engage in such sins.

As Paul said during his time, he fought with false brethren and beast, Peter said in the Second book of Peter, Chapter Two that many false brethren shall come. That prophecy of Peter is for today. Many have come and are here; many are not saved as defined by God's word, yet they still claim the name of Christ to take away their reproach [Isa.4:1] But as Paul and Peter said, these ministers have erred from the faith and have pierced their souls through with many sorrows, as they have received the love of money spirit.

But I plead with you, dear child of the Living God, do not allow wicked men to do as, Peter says they would attempt to do: have you forsake the right way of God with great swelling words, promising you liberty after you have escaped the pollution of the world. Stay free, prove all ministers today because they pose the greatest threat to the salvation of many, live the total rightly-divided word of God, and do not allow men to make you cursed children who are now twice dead--dead at natural birth from the curse of Adam that is upon us all and dead again, after having been born again and then falling from this right way of God--and plucked up from the roots out of the kingdom of God. [1 Thes. 5:20; 2 Tim. 2:15; 2 Pet.2:18-20]

My heart is heavy today for the many who are going backward from the right way of God, and many do not even know it, and some do not care; I plead with you, walk in the light, as Christ is the light and hasten to remove yourself from anyone who does not preach the whole counsel of God.

Every person must be born again into the kingdom of God that he or she may grow on into godly adulthood/perfection to see God in peace. Let no man deceive you, we must be a church without blemish, spot, or any such things; we must be a church that has grown into the express image of Christ. That is perfection, and perfection is the next step of salvation, once you are born again. You have to be born out of the world and into God's kingdom so you can be perfected, if you are perfectly born again. Outside his kingdom, you can never become perfect, but inside his kingdom you MUST become perfect. [Mat. 5:48; Eph. 4:11; Heb. 6:1-3] God has given true ministers the wherewithal to guide you in this process.

Dear Child of God, the hereafter is much longer than this present world; for the present is temporal and shall pass away, but the hereafter is eternal. This life and the mere things of this life are NOT worth a glimpse of the King in His Glory. I plead with you to come along with us to glory: Live all the word of God and live eternally with God! Pick and chose of God's word to live and die as a fool dies!

Don't you really want to see God? Really see God! Think about it: to actually, finally, really see God--no man or creature of limited means, but the God of all creation; the maker of all creatures, things living and nonliving! The creator of the universe; the maker of man. To see him who was not created but created all--him who is without father or mother, beginning of day and ending of years. Him who knows all the thoughts and intentions of the heart! To look upon him who is the very essence of life and omniscience and to live forever in his saving grace!

"Oh I want to see him;
to look upon his face.
There to sing forever of his saving grace.
On the streets of glory, let me lift my voice.
Cares all past, home at last
Ever there to rejoice!"

My heart is troubled and saddened by the multitudes in the valley of decision, for I know that the Lord's judgment is soon in that valley. Yet, I am still sick with the love of the Lord, and I say, come Lord Jesus! [Song of Solomon 5:8] But I plead with you who can still be reached to come with me to a city whose builder and maker is God; I plead with you who can still be reached, those who have not gone from saints to cursed children, because I know the terror of God, and I know the end of nonbelievers and those who were once saved and go back--Peter said it is better if they had not known the way of Christ! [2 Pet. 2:20-22]



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