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Name:  Bishop. Michael Neal, D.D. PhD

Location:  Richmond, Kentucky
Birthday:  5 October, 1957
Bio:  Michael Neal Born to John & Betty Neal in Richmond, Ky in 1957. Married to Wife Donna Jo Neal in 1989 in Lexington, Ky. Repented and was Baptized in the "Name of Jesus" 8/3/1980 & Receive The Gift Of The Holy Ghost (With Evidence of Speaking in Other Tongues) on 8/7/1980 at the Soul Deliverance Tabernacle of the (P.A.W.), By the Late, Elder L. Booker. Was Ordained with His Father John B. Neal On 1/12/1990 by the True God Apostolic Church in Lexington, Ky. Received a Doctor of Divinity (D.D.) 5/1/2004, Has 4 Children (three girls & one Boy) & 3 Step-Children (two boys & one girl). Has 6 Grandchildren (4 boys & 2 girls), and 3 Step-Grandchildren (2 girls & 1 Boy). Is Pastor of A Church in Richmond, Ky, and is the Presiding Bishop of The Jesus Christ Apostolic Ministries International, (JCAMI). Teaches & Preaches "Only The Mighty Name Of Jesus" The only Name by which we can be Saved"
Interests:  Bible / Caves / Animals of all type
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